What is this website about?

John enjoying an Italian meal at the La Caverna Restaurant, Dorchester, UK. To see my latest BLOG recipes click on my photo.

Hi! My name is John and inside these pages you will discover examples of healthy and uncomplicated Italian vegetarian recipes. Try these recipes yourself and you will have meals that are full of flavour, easy to prepare, good for you, tried and tested and extremely satisfying. The menu at the top of this page includes links to vegetarian recipes from many regions of Italy.

To see my latest BLOG recipes click on my picture.
The late Antonio Carluccio wrote, “Vegetables are very important in Italian food culture, and often …. will be at the heart of a dish, rather than an expensive protein such as meat.” In my website vegetables do not play second fiddle to meat and fish dishes. Vegetables are crucial to the way Italians eat and the Italian diet is one of the healthiest in the world.”

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Valdostana Cabbage and Onion Soup
Casarecce pasta with tomatoes and sweet peppers
Rich Tomato Pasta Sauce
Tuscan Mushroom Soup
Ligurian Minestrone Soup
Brocolli and Breadcrumb Salad
Pizza with Chargrilled Peppers and Olives
Calabrian Aubergine Fritters
Umbrian Pasta with Aubergine and Tomato Sauce
Italian Stuffed Aubergine
Aeolian style summer Salad
Mushroom Risotto
Abruzzo Lentil and Potato Soup
Ligurian Pasta with Potatoes, Green Beans and Pesto.
Umbrian Lentils, Veggie Sausage and Passata
Butternut Squash and Ricotta Cheese Tart

Caponata-Pepper and Aubergine Stew
Campanian Spaghetti with Puttanesca
Penne Pasta with Broccoli and Sultanas
Italian Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
Baked conchiglioni pasta shells with dolcelatte cheese
Potato and Red Pepper Frittata. This recipe has been cooked, eaten and reviewed by Ros, living in Birmingham, UK.
Tuscan Bean and Pasta Soup. This recipe was cooked, eaten and reviewed by Roger and Mary living in Shropshire, UK.
Sicilian Stuffed Tomatoes (with chunks of bread)

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John with a pizza in Venice, May 2015

My aim is to have recipes from all of the 20 regions of Italy so over time recipes will be added to the website. The recipes are my own version and adaptations of traditional Italian cuisine from many of the diverse regions of this remarkable country. They are drawn from documented recipes established in cookbooks, on websites and happily from my own visits and eating experiences in Italy. In the main I’ve tried to stay attached to the authentic regional Italian recipe.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly 50 years and I have cooked each of the recipes on this website myself.
After I retired, we went on holiday in Italy several times. We ate in many typical Italian restaurants and trattoria from Liguria to Lombardy to Campania to Lazio. We never had a problem finding something vegetarian on the menus. My passion for Italian food had started and as a result it has enabled me to become a fairly proficient cook (so my wife says, anyway) of Italian vegetarian meals.
From that point to the present day, and I’m sure into the future, cooking and eating Italian meals for ourselves, our family and friends will give me continued pleasure and great happiness.

The Regions of Italy.

“Italy is an earthly paradise for vegetarians”
“Italy’s culinary culture is one of endless invention-it is also based on a wealth of diverse ingredients, but not material wealth, so for decades meat was reserved for holidays and special occasions, rendering most Italians accidental vegetarians much of the time. The need to make much out of little left an indelible mark on regional cooking traditions, which were born and developed largely in the face of poverty, in rural areas, by the farming families that as recently as fifty years ago still constituted the majority of the country’s population rather than from fancy restaurants. In the absence of meat, Italians creatively crafted satisfying vegetarian dishes.” From “Vegetariano: 400 regional Italian recipes” published by Slow Food Editore, Italy 2018. Editor: Bianca Minerdo, Translated by Natalie Danford.

The columns of the Temple of Saturn in Rome. Click on the image to view a recipe popular in Rome.

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