John’s Italian Recipes

Below is one of the menu boards from La Caverna Restaurant in Dorchester, Dorset, UK. On the menu board, notice the second item from the top which is Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chilli and parsley. We had an evening meal at the restaurant in October 2019.

We ordered this as a main course at the restaurant, we had never tried this before and it was amazing. We clearly tasted flavours from the oil, sun-dried tomatoes and chilli and it was a joy to eat. We ordered a side dish of vegetables which were delightful. Highly recommended. Click HERE to get the recipe and try it yourself.

The four photos below show us at La Caverna Restaurant and the plated meal.

I used the recipe to cook the meal at home. The photos below show the plated meal. I used linguine pasta which is one of our favourites.

This is the menu board outside the Ristorante Mugolone, Sienna in Tuscany in 2015. Notice the menu at the bottom left of the menus. This is a menu for a five course vegetarian meal. Click here to see the recipes for the meals.

Liguria is a coastal region in north-west Italy. The coast stretches from the border with France in the west to the border with Tuscany in the east. The regions coastline is a mix of sandy and pebble beaches, rocky coves and hills that rise up from the sea. Not far inland the landscape rises into the Alps and Apennine mountains. Every kind of vegetable is grown in this thin strip of land between the sea and the hills, which are often terraced and planted with olive trees, vines and fruit trees. The gentle mild climate and intense summer sun nurtures the cultivated food and produces abundant crops. Click here to find three typical Ligurian recipes: focaccia bread, minestrone soup and pasta with potatoes, green beans and pesto.

Vermentino: I’m not a wine expert but we drank this wine during our meal (as above) and it was perfect. Our bottle came from Sardinia.

Vermentino is a light-skinned dry white wine grape variety, primarily found in Italian wine. It is widely planted in Liguria, primarily under the name Pigato, and in Sardinia.

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