Tuscan Cuisine – 3 easy flavour-packed recipes

Tuscan cuisine has developed in one of the most fertile regions in Italy. With its honest, genuine and robust flavours, it is a perfect reflection of the straightforward character of its creators.

“Tuscan Cuisine” by Guido Pedrittoni
  • If you love Italian porcini and other mushrooms, try this flavourful Tuscan mushroom soup?
  • A fantastic winter warmer, this acquacotta recipe is a humble vegetable soup hailing from Tuscany. Leave out the eggs to make it a vegan meal.
  • Tagliatelle pasta with a mushroom sauce: This is one of my favourite easy weeknight pasta dishes. Comforting, quick and delicious.

To print any of these recipes, click on THIS.

You won’t regret cooking any of these healthy traditional Italian recipes.

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