An Italian Restaurant Vegetarian Meal

When your are on holiday or having a short break it’s sometimes difficult, as a vegetarian, to find a place to eat that offers choice, quality and value for money. We found one such restaurant in Dorchester.

La Caverna Restaurant, Dorchester, Dorset, UK
To book a table: 01305 262 500

Customers: John and Barbara Fletcher We were on a short stay hotel break in Dorchester when we found La Caverna Restaurant.
22nd October 2019
Waitress name: Sarah
Chef / Owner: Franco

  1. Table wine: Red wine NERO D’AVOLA I.G.T (13%) SIBILIANA: Bottle £17.50, Grape Variety: 100% Nero D’Avola. Aromas of black and red fruit and spices. Lightly peppery with soft round tannins.
  2. Sharing course / Aperitivo: green and black olives, garlic olive oil, balsamic vinegar, bread varieties
  3. Starter course / Antipasto: Melanzane: griddled aubergines, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, basil leaves and garlic oil
  4. Main course / Primo: Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, chilli and parsley. Side Dish / Contorno: brocolli stems, carrot fingers and sugar snap peas.
  5. Dessert / Dolci:
    Barbara – BABA AL LIMONCELLO: Little sponges soaked in lemon liqueur served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and amarena cherry.
    John: CANNOLI SICILIANI: Tubes of mocha-flavoured pastry filled with organic sheep’s ricotta and candied peel, drizzled with orange caramel.
  6. Espresso coffee for 2
    We were not disappointed with our experience at this restaurant. Here are some of our feelings about the visit.
    The ambience, warmth, staff attention to our needs and service were good. On arrival and seated at our table we told the waitress that we were both vegetarians.
    The chef and waitress understood the need for cheese to be vegetarian in the meals that we ordered. For example: I ordered the panzarotti. Sarah returned to us and told me the chef told her that the parmesan cheese in panzerotti was not vegetarian because it was made with animal rennet. I changed my order and had the same meal as my wife.
    Our meals were freshly made and full of flavours
    Portion size: good
    Plated meal presentation: very good
    Hygiene: tablecloth, cutlery, wine glasses and room: very good
    The room ambience was very good. The tone of the interior design, decor and barrel-vaulted ceiling combine and soak into you senses. You feel the resemblance to dining in an authentic Italian trattoria.
    There was only one issue for us. We are 70 plus years old. To reach the main restaurant room you have to walk down a stair. As usual we took our time and were careful and made it without any problem.
    We take care about tipping. We had no doubt that we had enjoyed our meal and enjoyed the experience and therefore added a tip to the bill. On returning to Dorchester we would not hesitate to book a table at La Caverna Restaurant again.

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