Three Ligurian Recipes

When you’ve got friends coming to stay over, these three recipes can provide a varied, nutritious and enjoyable meal around the table.

The success of Liguria’s characteristic products is above all a conquest of colours and aromas: fragrant herbs, vegetables from the market garden and hillsides, the infinite shades of green and grey of the olive trees and oil.

Ligurian cookery, which is traditionally based on “humble” ingredients, exploits the flavours of the land with elegant simplicity. The Ligurian diet is basically Mediterranean, with olive oil, vegetables and herbs giving flavour to simple and traditional dishes which are both healthy and well-balanced.

You won’t be disappointed with these meals, so click on the links below to get the recipes and print. Buon appetito

Ligurian Deep Focaccia / Focaccia ligure profonda

Ligurian Minestrone / Minestrone alla Genovese

Ligurian Pasta with Potatoes, Green Beans and Pesto / Pasta ligure con patate, fagiolini e pesto

“Round here you don’t decide what you want to eat first, and then go out and get it: you go to your orto (vegetable garden) first, see what there’s a lot of, and base your next few dinners around that.” From the book “Extra Virgin- amongst the olive groves of Liguria” P. 84 by Annie Hawes

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